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Diversified Portfolio

My Master's projects showcase various International Management and Marketing skills acquired through different projects, including group work during my Master's in France and collaborations with different organizations, highlighting my expertise in digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Competition 2022

My team was ranked in the top 10 of the final competition

Digital Marketing Competition is organized by Purdue Univ. Northwest's College of Business (USA). An international digital marketing competition for students, in 2022 there were entries from over 220 teams worldwide.

I took part in this challenge with two classmates, and we reached 10th round of the competition. That year's theme was improving the marketing strategy of Megmade, an American company.

This opportunity is very beneficial, as it allows me to work on concrete projects with real data. What's more, I've had the chance to collaborate in groups and compete with many friends from all over the world.

Double Degree in Poland

Myself and three of my colleagues from the Master 2 in International Management and Marketing class have put together a video highlighting the double degree offered by IAE Angers and Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń, Poland.

This video offers a visual immersion into this unique international program, which, at the end of the two-year Master's program, confers both the IAE Angers and NCU diplomas.

Print Marketing

1. Logo created with Inkscape

The idea is that P stands for polyglot, and inside is a person who speaks in 3 waves, representing the different nuances of the language.

2. Photoshop (GIMP)

For the first photo of Barcelona, I removed a few trees, some construction sites above, then changed the color of the sky with another photo. Then I added a flock of birds.

LOGO with P for Polyglot event- by Minh Cuong DOAN

Green Washing

To make this video, I collaborated with a team of 5 people. Our subject was deceptive ecology, more commonly known as Green Washing" . I was in charge of editing the sound and creating the video sequences (B-roll).

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